Due Diligence/ Risk analysis


One of the unique services that we have to offer is due diligence and risk analysis on a target, business, property or its assets. We customize the scope of our due diligence and Risk analysis best suited with our client’s interests.

Although the vast verities of our services are broad, the core services include:

Project status review and analysis

Project feasibility studies

Property appraisals

Portfolio risk & valuation

Highest & best use studies

Financial and market analysis, projection and predictive yield forecasting

Property and market inspections

Legal documentation studies

Our experience extends to all assets classes of all major and secondary markets, giving us a unique perspective on the interplay of global, national and local trends and how those trends affect investment risk and client asset yields.


We have demonstrated an ability to add to our clients’ capital allocation decisions and increase insight into future strategic risks in order to mitigate investment losses.


Portfolio valuation services weigh the valuation of real estate holdings and our Risk Reporting enables our clients to executive decisions.

Through our financial analysis and Projection:

  • Compliance with required property financial statement delivery is monitored and enforced
  • Property financial statements are reviewed and compared against previous period performance, approved budget and underwriting.
  • Review and analysis is focused on looking for trends (positive or negative), large variance among comparables, and pre-cursors of potential problems in the future.
  • Financial information is added to internal projection/valuation model as part of continually tracking actual performance and project future performance.
  • Continue market tracking and implementation into effects on potential assets performance is monitored.
  • Some of the project status review and analysis consists of:
  • Rent rolls, manager’s reports and leasing reports analyzed and discussed with clients, representatives, and leasing agents.
  • Sales reports (on for-sale projects) are tracked and sales contracts are reviewed to confirm compliance with loan documentation requirements.
  • Sales pace, absorption and marketing strategy (on for-sale projects) are conducted monthly to maximize output.
  • Review all construction/renovation draws for the purpose of tracking actual spending against approved budget.
  • Analyze constructions/renovation progress; discuss issues with construction consultants.
  • Keep apprised of market development and relevant market data.


The disposition stage may include:

  • Monitor and analyze individual property markets to determine and ensure optimal disposition timing.
  • Conduct formal broker selection process.
  • Negotiate sales contracts.
  • Perform analysis of proposed sale
  • Facilitate closing process and review final closing statements.