Portuguese translations

Portuguese Translation

Your Portuguese translation is in safe hands with Global Voices. Whether you’re looking to translate into Portuguese or from Portuguese into another language, our network of over 4,000 linguists means we can translate and interpret more than 140 languages.

It is why companies worldwide have trusted Global Voices with over 36,000 projects. It could also be because we’re meticulous about getting the detail right. Whether it’s the life sciences or manufacturing, our Portuguese translators and interpreters are chosen to work on your projects because they’re subject experts with invaluable knowledge of that particular field. They’re also experienced.

Novatia requires a minimum of three years industry-based experience from all our Portuguese translators.This allows us to ensure that each translator or interpreter will provide high-quality work, exceeding the requirements for ISO 9001:2008. Your Portuguese translation or interpretation project will be handled by one of our friendly project managers who will provide support and advice before, during and after the completion of each translation project.

Why your business needs Portuguese translation
Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. It is a first language in eight different countries and is spoken natively by roughly 230 million people with an estimated 260 million total speakers. Portuguese is the first language of Brazil which has the 7th largest economy in the world. The Brazilian economy is recognised as one of the world’s five major major emerging economies, denoted by the acronym BRICS. Portugal offers economic opportunities of its own. Since the 1990s, Portugal has turned its focus to exports, private investment and the development of the high-tech sector. Global Voices has industry-specialist translators who can assist businesses working in any Portuguese country, with expertise across all major industries. Whatever your business’ focus, we can translate Portuguese accurately, quickly and efficiently.

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