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The top 10 management consulting firms to Hire In Nigeria

The top 10 management consulting firms to Hire In Nigeria Nigerian management consulting market booming  03 November 2014 The Nigerian management consulting market is booming, according to a recently released research from analyst firm Source. Spend on consulting in Nigeria has risen to $106.5 million, and the market is forecasted to continue its impressive growth […]
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Europe’s management consulting industry worth $45 billion

Europe’s management consulting industry worth $45 billion  23 March 2020 Strong growth by Europe’s largest consulting markets has lifted the continent’s consulting industry to a record high of $45 billion last year, with European powerhouses Germany and France leading the way. The UK meanwhile saw its growth slow in the wake of Brexit.  Europe now […]
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What is Management?

Management is a universal phenomenon. It is a very popular and widely used term. All organizations – business, political, cultural or social are involved in management because it is the management which helps and directs the various efforts towards a definite purpose. According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with […]
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Actualizing Dreams of a Consulting Career

Actualizing Dreams of a Consulting Career Consulting is a Dream Come True for many B-School Graduates Many management graduates and professionals “dream” of getting into consulting jobs during their placement season or afterwards. The allure of the glamorous consulting profession is so intense that many management graduates enter the business schools with the sole intention […]
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Introduction to management Consulting

Introduction to Management Consulting   Introduction For most management graduates and students in business schools, working for the world famous Big Five management consultancies such as McKinsey, Booze Allen, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Price Waterhouse (PWC), and Novatia consulting is a dream come true. Indeed, the fact that these consultancies are often given the Day […]
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